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Privacy Policy

Temp Mail is a free service that provides temporary email addresses. These addresses are only valid for a short period of time, and all messages sent to them are deleted after the time period expires. Temp Mail is a great way to protect your privacy and keep your inbox free of spam.

What information does Temp Mail collect?

When you create a temporary email address with Temp Mail, we collect the following information:

  • Your IP address
  • The temporary email address you create
  • The date and time you create the address
  • The number of messages you receive at the address

We use this information to provide the Temp Mail service and to improve our service over time. We are not going to sell or share your personal information with other parties.

How does Temp Mail protect my privacy?

Temp Mail takes your privacy very seriously. We use a variety of security measures to protect your information, including:

  • We encrypt all of your data at rest and in transit.
  • We have a team of security experts who monitor our systems 24/7 for any signs of attack.
  • We have a strict policy of not sharing your information with third parties.

How can I control my privacy?

You can control your privacy by following these tips:

  • Use a different temporary email address for each website or service that you sign up for.
  • Delete your temporary email addresses after you are finished using them.
  • Be careful about the websites and services that you sign up for using a temporary email address. Only sign up for websites and services that you trust.

How can I contact Temp Mail?

If you have any concerns regarding our policy, feel free to contact us